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Conversation Sit-downs
  • Conversation Sit-downs are small group discussions where the participants exchange points of view on public policy questions. Their locations and schedules are posted on the Knowledge Base along with self-study materials and guides.

  • Each week a new topic would be discussed at all locations throughout the network.

  • Discussion Society members attend at least one Conversation Sit-down per topic. There is no limit on how many can be attended.

  • Conversation Sit-downs should have less than twenty people, with speakers facing one another and close enough to speak to one another comfortably and the moderator seated at the center of the apex.

  • The goal of a Conversation Sit-down is achieving mutual understanding among participants and not the changing of minds. The give and take should be respectful, impersonal, and focused on facts - an exercise in deliberative democracy.
After Parties
  • The purpose of the After Party is purely social. The topic from the Conversation Sit-down would not be discussed and there is no protocol to follow. The After Party can last as long as people care to stay - from minutes to hours.

  • Food and drink would be part of an After Party whenever possible. Potlucks could be organized among groups who meet at the same location/same schedule regularly.

  • The After Party can take any form so long as it promotes socializing. An alternative to a potluck could be a baseball game, for example.