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The Rogue Valley Discussion Society
  • The Society would be an assembly of people and not an organization. Society members would advocate for their positions subject by subject as individuals.

  • The Discussion Society would be made up of people from the Rogue Valley who get together once a week, face-to-face in small groups (6-20 people) called Conversation Sit-downs to discuss the public policy concerns of their choice, and then stay on to socialize at After Parties.

  • Open enrollment into the Society would be held every three months for a course of twelve weekly debates on twelve public policy concerns selected by the Members themselves after the open enrollment period ended.

  • The Society would meet through a network of public meeting sites, including cafes, community centers, restaurants, culture and social clubs, schools, and libraries - each location reserving a specified capacity in tables and times for the weekly public policy discussions.

  • The online Regional Knowledge Base would provide subject-related links to web sites, documents, databases, streaming video, and guides to offline resources for the twelve weekly discussion subjects.

  • The Discussion Society network would post schedules and locations for the Conversation Sit-downs through the Knowledge Base. It would also collect, compile, and report the votes on the twelve discussion subjects and post concerns and ideas toward their resolution contributed by Members.

  • The civility of the discourse would be a primary goal in itself. The give and take would be respectful, impersonal, and focused on facts - not personalities or ideologies. The discussions would prioritize mutual understanding among participants and not the changing of minds.