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Is this communism? No. Stick is an assembly - not an organization. There is no common commercial, governing, or economic priciple or set of goals among the participants. It is pure one-person, one-vote democracy. It is a free market of ideas.
Is this socialism? same answer as above
Why the first two questions? Because when the puppets in power want to protect their paymasters, those who actually control and manipulate the middle class, want to destroy an initiative, they start by calling it communism or socialism. Social Security is socialism - Stick is for free thinking men and women of the middle class to get their ideas heard and acted on.
Who's in charge? Nobody - we're techies.
How will this get paid for? Beats us. We know less about finance than the average 10-year old. We're going to build it and see if smart people who do understand such things can figure this one out.