Subjects of Debate
Concerns and Ideas
Stick is an idea-centric project that would collect the public policy concerns of the participants; compile and organize them; present them in a discussable format; collect, compile, and organize the ideas returned; and then present those results for ranked voting by the participants.

The project would focus exclusively on public policy matters involving the society, the culture, the economy, and the state, and not extend to non-public policy matters involving the same.
What are the concerns?
The public policy concerns to be studied, discussed, and debated would be chosen 1) because their subject would be topical and regional or 2) because their development would provide a foundation for related topics or 3) because the topic has a potentiallly important future impact.
Topical/Regional Foundational Future Impact
Society Bring out your dead: Would the Rogue Valley be able to deal with a high mortality outbreak of an infectious disease? Trust, but verify: Can there be gun control without gun laws? Dancing with A.I. and Robotics: How will people fare in a post-human social order?
Culture The New Pariahs: Has the DUI stigma unfairly created a shunned group? Pick and Choose: Should immigration weigh skills or assets higher than family? Copy and paste Grandma: Should technology to transfer human consciousness be allowed?
Economy Wildfires and logging: Would increased logging reduce wildfires without causing environmental harm? The Facts of Life: How should we understand economic and quality of life indicators? Money for nothing: How will people make a living in a jobless future?
State Don't fence me in: What reforms are needed in the federal land management system? Cutting out the middleman: Does the Electoral College need reform? Who Dies? What laws will govern auto-driven vehicles in accidents when making qualitative decisions on human life?