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    What Stick to the Subject is an in-person Discussion Society combined with an online Regional Knowledge Base. Members discuss public policy subjects in groups of six to twelve people meeting at public locations.
    Who People living in the Rogue Valley join through open enrollment, creating a demos - a one-person, one-vote democratic body.
    How Society members agree on a slate of public policy subjects, get together face-to-face in small groups to discuss them, and then vote on the subjects anonymously using ranked voting.
    Where Society members meet wherever they choose within a network of participating public locations, such as community centers, restaurants, schools, social halls, and taverns.
    When Society members attend one Conversation Sit-down/After Party per policy subject at the location, day, and time of their choosing.
    Stick to the Subject.
    American Deliberative Democracy
    Social Art
    Discussion Society members self-study public policy subjects,meet face-to-face in Conversation Sit-downs to discuss them and then stay on to socialize at After Parties. They vote on the subjects anonymously using ranked voting.
      combining social art with technical craft to bring deliberative democracy to the public policy debate
    Technical Craft
    The Knowledge Base collects and stores information on the public policy subjects, provides an online logistical platform for the Stick Network, and reports the votes of the Society members.
    Conversation Sit-Downs
    Conversation Sit-downs are moderated, 55 minute face-to-face round table discussions of public policy subjects.
    After Party
    The purpose of the After Party is purely social.
    Bring out your dead: Would the Rogue Valley be able to deal with a high mortality outbreak of an infectious disease? Pick and Choose: Should immigration weigh skills or assets higher than family? Who Dies? What laws will govern auto-driven vehicles in accidents when making qualitative decisions on human life?
    The New Pariahs: Has the DUI stigma unfairly created a shunned group? Copy and paste Grandma: Should technology to transfer human consciousness be allowed? Dancing with A.I. and Robotics: How will people fare in a post-human social order?
    Wildfires and logging: Would increased logging reduce wildfires without causing environmental harm? The Facts of Life: How should we understand economic and quality of life indicators? Money for nothing: How will people make a living in a jobless future?
    Don't fence me in: What reforms are needed in the federal land management system? Cutting out the middleman: Does the Electoral College need reform? Trust, but verify: Can there be gun control without gun laws?
    The Stick Network
    a network of Conversation Sit-downs/After Parties held at public locations throughout the Rogue Valley
    Knowledge Base
    a browsable and searchable online relational database that stores information on subjects related to the Society, Economy, Culture, and State of the Rogue Valley.