Stick to the Subject.2024 civil public discussion of the important public policy issues of the times
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Stick to the Subject Home

What Stick is
a description of the basic elements to stick
The Discussion Society
the open enrollment system, society members as a demos
The Regional Knowledge Base
the online support for the Conversation Sit-downs organized into an open knowledge system
Deliberative Democracy
the manner in which the discussion topics are debated
How it would work
a step-by-step explanation of a typical Stick enrollment term
Conversation Sit-downs/After Parties
the in-person discussions, the role of the moderators, the after party
The Stick Network
sites for the Conversation Sit-downs and After Parties, the online logistial platform
Partnering with The Academy
how the project connects to the community of teachers and students and the institutions that support them
Why do this?
the reasons of self, society, culture, economy, and state for the project
The Problem of ....
Subjects of Debate

the discussion topics to be debated and how they are selected and presented
Partnering with Career Government Employees
how the project connects to the professionals who serve the public through government
likely questions on Stick
Regional Knowledge Partners
how regional knowledge experts provide local information and perspectives on the subjects to be discussed
About Stick to the Subject
what we're about with this
Member Dashboards
how the Discussion Society member home pages
How to Participate
how to join conversation sit-downs, become a knowledge partner or an academic or government partner, or enroll a sit-down location
Voting Center
how members vote on the discussion topics using ranked voting, the Voting Results Center